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Thread: Sober - However you got there, whatever keeps you here.

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    I'm now 14 months sober, I reached that point where instead of things being fun, I could see more negatives.

    I had a big wake up call on a camping trip over summer last year, after taking too much MDMA any one person should ever take in one night, After laying down for a good while when others slept, I went to answer natures call, walked to a river bank, but I just stood there and blacked out, came around after hitting my head on a tree (luckily hitting that and not falling down the bank into the river)
    passed out a good number of times trying to get back to the tent.
    Two weeks later I took Acid and it was a night of bad craziness, everything had become ugly on it, I felt that my relationship with drugs had completely changed.
    From that day I swore to stay sober and have not looked back since.

    A month or so after I applied to be a bus driver, done my training and started that as a new job, to get my highs these days means running to the time table and hiking in the mountains on my days off.

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    So, 2017 was first sober calendar year for me since... I don't know, it's quite normal here to offer some alcohol to pretty young children, you know, just a sip won't kill him, right?

    I am joking that since nearest shop is 2 km away, I'm too fucking lazy to carry some heavy bottles all the way. :-) It feels quite easy and thankfully I don't have big cravings, but I know very well that the monster is still inside me, waiting patiently for me to slip... so I'll keep going to the meetings and be careful.

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