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Thread: Worst books you have encountered yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cashpiles View Post
    He's currently writing the 3rd book in the John Dies At The End series.. I'm going to read reviews before buying that one.
    Decide for yourself! Get a library card, get the book for free. If you love it after a couple of chapters and think you might want to own a copy, buy it. Or just read it all. Whatever floats your boat. But don't let reviews alone determine whether you even try a book by an author you like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icecream View Post
    To Kill a Mockingbird is waaaaaaaay overrated.
    harper lee recently died. i'm good with the book, but the movie kicks hella ass.

    my "worst" book....i recall having trouble reading 'heart shaped box.' everyone raved when it came out, but i wasn't feeling it.

    OH and 'franny and zooey' kinda sucked too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aggroculture View Post
    Wuthering Heights is great.
    Wuthering Heights is what Twilight and its ilk are trying to be and fail at. I think the reason why it works in Wuthering Heights is because the book acknowledges that they're both kind of terrible people who deserve each other, as opposed to painting them as role models of any kind.

    I tried reading Gravity's Rainbow by Pynchon and gave up; there was a scene that involved someone eating dirty toilet paper or something, and was too nauseous to continue. To be fair I was pregnant at the time and super-sensitive to disgust; might be able to give it another go one of these days. But based on what I've read so far, not sure if Pynchon is brilliant or an overrated, pretentious hack. I guess I really do need to go back and read GR so I can figure that out.

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