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    Quote Originally Posted by elevenism View Post
    So have any of you guys read Sleeping Beauties, the collaboration SK did with his son Owen? @allegate ?
    I just bought it from Barnes & Noble for 60% off with lots of sales and coupon vouchers. I'll read it sometime soon. It's thick.

    Some more meandering,

    As a "noob" I've wanted and have been intrigued by his books for a long time but never much actually attempted to read them. I enjoy to read but a lot of his books as fat as fuck and those take me forever and I'm poor at keeping up, even if a book is THAT good. I have always enjoyed his film adaptations as well as his original works for the screen such as Creepshow. After seeing IT I said fuck it and decided to delve into his bibliography. I've been snatching up his books left and right every week during lunch hour from B&N. 8.99 a book isn't bad. I'm getting quite a big catalog and am starting to thrust forward with actually reading what I'm buying. I have bought a lot of books the past 2 months...

    • The Dark Tower Series (Currently own I-V)
    • Dreamcatcher
    • The Tommyknockers
    • The Shining
    • Doctor Sleep
    • Under the Dome
    • IT
    • Cujo
    • Four Past Midnight
    • Skeleton Crew
    • Different Seasons
    • The Bizarre of Bad Dreams
    • 11/22/63
    • Sleeping Beauties
    • Pet Semetary
    • The Green Mile (currently starting to read this one!)

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