From their MySpace page:

"LINCHE is bulgarian for Lina. Lina Larsson, swedish singer with Bulgarian roots. Always had music in her veins since early days. Teamed up with swedish guitarist/songwriter Pelle Hillstrom. They started working together in Los Angeles and shortly thereafter a bundle of songs were born that surprised them both and put smiles on their faces after listening back to what was just caught on tape. Hit-formula filters and commercial expectations were put aside to make room for true expression and "spur of the moment" musical statements. Pianist Kenny Werner would be proud. Although Pelle and Lina currently reside in different parts of the world the album is planned to be finished and put out there for curious ears. Enjoy."

I dig it. Found out about it from SONOIO's Twitter. And I like Pelle from modwheelmood, so it's pretty cool. You can certainly hear elements of modwheelmood in it.

Here is a sample:

And more music here: