y'all, i am so sick of having to defend my existence. i am so sick of trans folks being murdered simply for existing. the amount of hatred and vitriol being spewed at us on a daily basis is disgusting.

the NY times publishing a "defense of jk rowling" literally the day after hundreds of journalists signed a letter requesting more balanced coverage of trans issues is disgusting. and their response to the letter (honestly, they responded to a DIFFERENT letter sent by GLAAD, conflating the two and basically ignoring the call by ACTUAL JOURNALISTS for integrity) was so disheartening.

i'm at a loss for what to do in my own life. i get harassed on a regular basis on public transit going to or from work. i don't go anywhere alone at night and honestly barely feel safe doing so during the day.

i will never, ever be able to understand someone objecting to the existence of a person who is simply "different" from themselves, despite bringing no harm.

it is so much easier to be kind than to be filled with hatred; it baffles me that people choose the latter.

anyway, here are some references, anecdotal and otherwise: