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Thread: 2022.09.17 Los Angeles, CA @ Primavera Sound LA

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    2022.09.17 Los Angeles, CA @ Primavera Sound LA

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    heresy third song, yes thank you very much. festival set with most all the "hits" but also some of the better new EP songs (less than, lovers). sound was good, view was good. happy all around. if anything else comes to mind i will post another reply.

    edit: would have been happy to hear only, survivalism or 1,000,000 but 75 min length meant they had to keep it pretty tight
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    The sound was exceptionally good at this show, better even then most headline gigs for some reason. Some dude next to me said Primavera had invested in a state-of-the-art new technology for P.A., he could have been bullshitting but it sure sounded amazing. I usually struggle somewhat hearing backvocals and rythm guitars, especially Ally's voice and Trent's guitar, they tend to be very low in the mix and if you're too close to the stage, the sub are gonna eat that up. Even with earplugs it's very hard to make it out.

    But at Primavera, damn it was absolutely crystal clear. It was loud but not too bass-y, and I could hear every single part very clearly. Never once did I cover my hears or struggle trying to find the pitch which usually happens on bass heavy tracks (like Sanctified). The show was short of course, but the setlist was still very good (any setlist that has Somewhat Damaged, The Perfect Drug and Heresy can't be "just a festival setlist"!). Also the crowd was really pleasant. A lot of hipster non-fans but music lovers who were genuinely open minded and interested and dancing even if they didn't know the songs.

    Probably the shortest NIN show I've ever been to but the experience was so great that I think I'll remember it among my all time favourites!

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