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I was in charge of the photography and artwork. It brought back a lot of good memories.

Discordance I is an unofficial compilation made by members of Discordance, or more precisely the channel for musicians (musician-chat). The plan for it was presented by Kamil “Wrathu” Kwiatkowski who coordinated all the process. Oliver Michalowski (Decidiodes) offered to do some mastering, adjust all the tracks and make transitions between them, while Marius Andrei Dima (Mars And Daemons) agreed to deal with the artwork. The compilation is numbered because the makers had the hope to make it cyclically in parts, similar to NIN’s Ghosts I-IV and V-VI. The compilation is not associated neither with Nine Inch Nails nor Discordance admins in an official way but we all hope to be heard by the band and be given a blessing to do more compilations in the following years in a more official way. The project is strictly non-profit. All songs belong to their creators. There was also a rule for no covers. We wanted to show diversity of original songs composed by musicians inspired by Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, and others. Thus the compilation covers numerous genres and styles represented by musicians from 12 countries on 4 continents.

This is a free compilation. However, Bandcamp provides only 200 free downloads per month. For those who would like to pay anyway, until the end of August 2022 we're raising funds for International Association for Suicide Prevention and all the money will be sent to them. The cash flow will also enable reviews and account upgrades which may be useful in the future. After that, the compilation will be set as completely free.

LINK https://discordance0.bandcamp.com/album/discordance-i

Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/release/23756246
Musicbrainz: https://musicbrainz.org/release/7726...7-32d3c76cad11
Last.fm: https://www.last.fm/music/Various+Artists/Discordance+I
YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvm...gJj5Sg3tUOHNxQ
YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...4xMCv1g7lWI9OL
YouTube whole comp in one film: