Carrying over from a conversation in the 2022 tour thread.

Aside from Hurt, Head Like A Hole, and In This Twilight (with the Zero-Sum outro) - what songs do you think would make good ends to shows? Mainly songs that have never been played as closers, though there are rare some occasions in which a song other than the main three ended a show.

Some of these, mainly the heavier ones, could also replace Head Like A Hole as the last one before the encore:

Gave Up
Right Where It Belongs
And All That Could Have Been
Hurt (pre-encore, with a tape of the studio version's outro)
The Background World (possibly with a jam that bears some resemblance to the loop)
We're In This Together
Over And Out (pre-encore, with a tape of the studio version's outro)
While I'm Still Here/Black Noise
The Day The World Went Away (AATCHB version).

Mainly songs with dramatic climaxes and noise/jam/drone endings, though they can sometimes be swapped for softer endings by just TR&AR.