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    Soundtrack album listed here:-

    Also a Spotify playlist appeared 2 hours ago (no new material there though). The fact that Atmosphere is on there would suggest Trent's had a hand in the songs used within it (if it is indeed in the film):-

    Also - a quote from the director in an article in the Independent:-

    The film also features a new score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, whom Guadagnino challenged to “find the sound of a road trip” and “the sound of the American landscape.” And it’s full of 1980s music from Joy Division, New Order and even KISS, which were chosen from a box of cassette tapes that Kajganich found from when he was a teenager. “The ones that either made me smile or cry made it in the script,” Kajganich said.

    So I'm finally convinced this is a whole score and not just the one song at the end (with the obligatory 'Minute' in the title...).
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