Video game studios are created every day (or almost), but some, more than others, hold our attention. This is the case of Eyes Out, a new entity that emerged on August 12, 2021 and is currently making its little buzz. Why is this? The reason is simple and lies in its founders: Robin Finck and Cory Davis. The first is none other than the legendary guitarist of the metal band Nine Inch Nails, and the second the game director of Spec Ops The Line, a cult game released in 2012. Together, the two men decided to launch this project which aims to focus solely on art games. It must be said that since Spec Ops The Line (a game that certainly did not sell very well, but enjoys a powerful aura), Cory Davis has specialized in atmospheric games, especially those related to horror. We owe him the successful Here They Lie, a title released in 2016 eyt that accompanied the release of the PlayStation VR. As for Finck, he has also had several experiences in video games for having participated in the soundtrack of Observation, a game developed by the studio No Code and NOCT, a title published by Devolver in 2015. The release announces that the first title the two men are collaborating on is none other than a cosmic horror game and that to complete the project, the studio has surrounded itself with veterans who have already worked on big games such as Gears of War, The Evil Within and Apex Legends. The studio is based in Los Angeles and as an announcement, we have the right to a presentation trailer of the studio, which announces the color of things.

Source: JeuxActu