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Thread: XBOX Game Pass

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    XBOX Game Pass

    So, my friends bought me an Xbox, and like, super ultimate game pass, or some shit?

    I've STILL not done the thing where you play together and use the headset and such.

    But I thought, maybe, we might set up some gameplay from here, and maybe someone can explain to me how the invites and such work.
    Also, I own Tekken 7. I haven't played it in awhile, but I'm down to play, at some point.

    My gamer tag is Elevenism.

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    This probably could've been posted to the Xbox Thread I made.

    Games Pass is just a subscription that allows games in the library to be available to you as part of your subscription. Aside the sub fee, you basically get any game on there free to play until the license is revoked from the program.

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