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BUT Nautica stage is a GREAT venue so it's worth it. If you're driving it's easy, there is parking near the venue. I would NOT walk alone to a hotel at night, girl or guy. Hotels may appear close when looking at a map, they are not.
Thanks for the info, this is super helpful! This will be my first time in Cleveland, and have my travel all squared away, but am still researching lodging and logistics for the nights of the 20th, 21st and 22nd.

Looking at the map - and barring anything crazy - it should be pretty easy to get from Nautica to the Amtrak station, yeah? I have a train to catch at 1:54am on the 24th so I figure I'll just head to the station after NIN wraps up. Assuming there's a curfew and NIN won't play any later than midnight...

I also get in at about 3am on 9/20, so if anyone has any suggestions for someone fresh off a 11 train trip, I am ALL ears.