Hey everybody! I'm really hyped to share my music that I've been making for a couple years now since I'm getting back in the groove. My music under Blue Vertigo has a pretty wide range of styles, so I'll cherry pick some of my favorites!

somnium (EP) - Instrumental, semi-ambient, very Silent Hill inspired!

Lies and Truth (Single)
- Intense, loud, and abrasive electronic rock with vocal work by yours truly. Part of an upcoming vocal album!

Sylenth Assassin - EDM/Synthwave-y song from the soundtrack our upcoming project The Space Pirate!

I've got a lot more coming out soon, with a new single coming out on 05/19/2021 (next Wednesday as of this post!) called RESTLESS (Awake)!

Feel free to check Blue Vertigo out on Bandcamp and support if you desire! Thanks for listening!