I had a few questions out of general curiosity, i know we have specific threads for Apple and Android but i wanted to see more from a catch-all perspective what folks had to work with. Feel free to post recommendations as well!

What kind of phones do you all have? (make, model, specs etc.)

Also, how often do you upgrade and how much do you pay for services?

How many smartphones have you had altogether?

I'll go first, I have a Motorola Moto E4 - XT1767

This model came out in 2017 and I've had it since the fall of that year, so going on 3.5 years or so now.

Full specs here: https://www.phonemore.com/specs/moto...oto-e4/xt1767/

I really only upgrade when i start to have serious problems with the phone or it gets lost or physically broken, obviously the battery will deteriorate and everything will start to slow down after a while but so far so good. My last phone went through the wash. 😅

I think I'm on my 4th smartphone so far, they've all been low-range budget tier. My previous one was a Motorola Moto E2, before that a Samsung Galaxy Discover and the first one was an LG Optimus One. All of them have been running on the Android OS.

As for what i currently pay, I'm on a prepaid service so I'll top up with about $25 to $50 every month/couple of months.
$15 is deducted each month that gives me unlimited texting, I think i only get like 50 prepaid minutes of talk time before i start getting charged by the minute.

I don't use data on my phone at all so no data plan.

So how about you all?