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    Broken Links

    Hi everyone, I'm Mark and I'm in a band called BROKEN LINKS, from the UK. I've been listening to NIN since my brother introduced me to them when I was 15. He showed up at the house one day with The Fragile and he said "stick this on, and when you do, turn it up to eleven" (cheesy Spinal Tap reference). So I did, Somewhat Damaged blew my head off, and still to this day its my favourite NIN track. I've seen them many times now (best one being The Scala in London a few years ago!...started with Somewhat Damaged!) and trawled through the back catalogue, so Trent's style is probably my main influence along with a ton of other bands I discovered at the time. I had already been listening to Metallica and all the BritPop stuff (lame I know), but it was the likes of NIN, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, and dare I say it, U2 that made me really want to make my own music.

    So if you're a fan of Depeche Mode, NIN, Placebo, Muse, IAMX, and Killing Joke etc. You might like some of the stuff BROKEN LINKS do!

    We're returning this year with our new album, Conflict::States
    (released 30th April 2021). WE think this is our filthiest, angriest album yet because we've spent since 2008 spending f**k loads of time and our own money trying to make well produced music with videos, and PR, to basically get absolutely nowhere. Being in a band must be THE most expensive hobby in the world where you spend 5000 in a studio recording an album, 2000 on PR, 600 per music video....only to sell 30 digital downloads and 15 CDs!! I personally burnt-out trying to constantly sell the band, you know, trying to convince labels to come to shows, trying to get a manager, trying to promote shows so people would go and only 3 turn up etc, and at the same time trying to keep 100% integrity in the music. So we decided "f**k this, if we're not going to make any money, we won't spend any, and we won't bow to any trend or try to please anyone", so the past 6 years has been basically me staring out a window procrastinating, writing about what I want to write about, and slowly putting together the album myself on the computer at home. We've had no outside help, we've mixed it ourselves, mastered it, released it ourselves....and we're keeping with the same ethic with the music videos, they're all shot on my iPhone (expect for Pioneers, we used a tool called Rotor, cost 9 to use)!

    Have a look at our official website if you fancy finding out more, there's loads of links to interviews where I kick off about the state of things for small-time dark electro-rock bands like us!

    You can hear all our albums on our bandcamp:

    Here's our music videos to date, though be mindful that they're mainly for the 'radio-friendly' singles. If you want some grit, have a dig into our album tracks on our bandcamp above


    Cold War (2021)

    Replicas (2021)

    Pioneers (2021)

    The Bounty Hunter (2015)

    Dead Embers (2014)

    Within Isolation (2012)

    We're All Paranoid (2012)

    What Are You Waiting For? (2012)
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