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Thread: Year Zero: Big list of everything - Encore

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    Post Year Zero: Big list of everything - Encore

    Trying to save some good material from old ETS, these posts were made by maabus, started at Apr 04, 2007. As image:
    I could only save the first page. :/

    I am trying to believe
    Another version of the truth

    (Found in the ID3 tag of the My Violent Heart mp3 file)
    (Also found in the Year Zero CD Booklet) <from>

    (Found from the Survivalism pdf Lyrics sheet)
    (There is a link in the second chorus on the word revisionism)
    ( Survivalism.pdf )
    (You can drag an image on the top and left side to reveal another version of the dates)
    ( )

    (From themailstrom Wreakage: pain site)

    "Merry" Page links to

    /0/ Error Pages
    Be the Hammer

    (From another version of the truth's forum (act of resistance))
    105th Airborne Crusaders

    (Mentioned by the Angry Sniper on the ballgameOver.mp3)
    (Mentioned on be the hammer)
    Church of Plano

    (Mentioned in the Nohurry.mp3 audio file)
    Consolidated Mail Systems

    (From another version of the truth's forum (Opal/Cocaine))

    (Default site)

    (From another version of the truth's forum (Opal/Cocaine))
    US Wiretap

    (Found throuh a phone number revealed in a spectrograph image of 2432.mp3. Phone number is (216-333-1810))
    (2433.mp3 was in a rar with "Me, I'm Not")

    (Case number mentioned in (216-333-1810) phone message)
    Art is Resistance

    (From a flyer that was passed out at a concert)
    Secure Broadcast Informatics

    (Found through "Beside You In Time" insert)

    (Gives you
    (Also in Year Zero CD Booklet)
    (This redirects to
    Solutions Backwards Initiative

    (Found after assembling login box from
    (Password is revealed after moving section of login puzzle (Matt 26: 45-46))



    Judson Ogram Correctional Facility

    (Mentioned on

    (Found from information on
    (User: Preston Gantry (from badge in the staff section of
    (Case number: 4382BX12 (from inmate number on
    (Password: francesca (capital letters from text above bridge and lower case letters under the bridge)

    (User: Preston Gantry (from badge in the staff section of
    (Case number: 6455DA04 (from garageband sample "Survivalism Our End Trip. aif")
    (Password: francesca (capital letters from text above bridge and lower case letters under teh bridge)
    The Water Turned to Blood

    (Found from Survivalism video time counter)

    (Found by entering (Ephesians 6:12) in the password box on thewaterturnedtoblood)
    (Password box is found by clicking just below the thumb of the hand)
    (Password was found from bible verse John quoted on judsonogram addendum)
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    (found from staff page of staff page)

    (found from German Survivalism single cd)
    (Highlighted letters spelled RSWTB)
    (On the spine of cd cover is a bar code)
    (Counting the bars you get 3 5 4 15 3 15 18 5... putting letters to the numbers gives Cedocore)
    The Mailstrom

    (Found on lithograph given at listening party)
    (Also found on Year Zero CD Booklet)

    (SUBJECT: Possible Informant)
    Wreckage: gallows Shard: Y3RG7J <from info page>

    (SUBJECT: RE: FWD: RE: Application for Visitation of Minor Child)
    Wreckage: gasoline Shard: uuu891 <from Robot buttons>

    (SUBJECT: You are Subject to Detention)
    Wreckage: tumbrel Shard: ad44us <from AIR Flag (from mural) buttons>

    (SUBJECT: Confession)
    Wreckage: wretched Shard: Ypq2QQ <from angle with Scythe (from mural) buttons>

    (SUBJECT: Hunt the Last Black Bear!)
    Wreckage: bitter Shard: BGtg57 <from You will be heard" (black on white) and AIR flag (White on red) buttons>

    (SUBJECT: What You Asked About)
    Wreckage: wetwork Shard: c276e4 <from AIR flag graphics (Grey on white) and AIR flags on (Black on red) buttons>

    (SUBJECT: Next Friday)
    Wreckage: fratricide Shard: 774HZx <from AIR flags on (Red on black) and AIR flag graphics (White on grey) buttons>

    (SUBJECT: Children and Dogs)
    Wreckage: pliers Shard: Ji3p09 <from AIR flag (White on blue) buttons>

    (SUBJECT: Mrs. Abington’s 8th Grade Social Studies – please give to sub)
    Wreckage: slander Shard: Yr4893 <from AIR flag (Red on Black) buttons>

    (SUBJECT: Get In On the Ground Floor!)
    Wreckage: atropine Shard: gH319x <from Cop from billboard) and (Chip held by crying angel from billboard) buttons>

    (SUBJECT: The Catastrophe of Birth)
    Wreckage: corrida Shard: MKs742 <from (Bottle of dude on billboard) and (Air Flag on back of dude on billboard) buttons>

    (SUBJECT: Messy situation)
    Wreckage: flense Shard: E5PPvv <from ("Art is Resisance" White on Black) and ("Art is Resistance" White on Red) buttons>

    (SUBJECT: Your Shipment)
    Wreckage: venom Shard: D3i8Na <from Background from buttons>

    (SUBJECT: Order Confirmation)
    Wreckage: infarction Shard: 6k961G <from (AIR Flag (Red on white)) and ("You Will be Heard" (White on Gray)) buttons>

    Wreckage: needle Shard: jp411r <from (AIR Flag (Black on White)) and (Spotted AIR Flag (White on Black)) buttons>

    (SUBJECT: pull it out!)
    Wreckage: sickle Shard: Nnga49 <from (AIR Flag (White on green)) and (Angel in background from Billboard) buttons>

    (SUBJECT: terrorist email)
    Wreckage: widow Shard: vC99iT <from (AIR Flag (Black on White)) and (AIR Flag (White on Black) buttons>

    (SUBJECT: environmental toxicity & Acts of God )
    Wreckage: spore Shard: pQw2pP <NOT SURE WHERE IT CAME FROM>

    (SUBJECT: I’m sorry!)
    Wreckage: belladonna Shard: 3Mz3tU <Brute Forced>

    (SUBJECT: I’m so pissed!!!!!!!)
    Wreckage: parasite Shard: tP366K <Brute Forced>

    (SUBJECT: Presence@Daytona)
    Wreckage: cleaver Shard: I682fg <Brute Forced>

    (SUBJECT: goodbye)
    Wreckage: necrotic Shard: blE34c <Brute Forced I think!>

    (SUBJECT: Updates to draft paper)
    Wreckage: scorpion Shard: 4rTL21 <From Year Zero CD Case: On the inside of the right flap>

    (SUBJECT: Re: Anglo-Johnson)
    Wreckage: usurp Shard: 397W4P <red letters in the text of the pages (and 2 zeroes) give hexadecimal pairs that correspond to ascii codes (57 3a 75 73 70 20 53 3a 33 39 37 57 34 50) (W:usurp S:397W4P)>

    (SUBJECT: Re: Please Forward to as...)
    Wreckage: regret Shard: Ad5457 <from (AIR Flags (Orange on Black)) and ((AIR Flag Black on Yellow) LA OSR meeting)>

    (SUBJECT: I love you)
    Wreckage: hubris Shard: 39tpLe <from (unknown button passed out at L.A. OSR Meeting) and (AIR Flag Black on Gray from L.A. OSR Meeting) >

    (SUBJECT: RE: please post)
    Wreckage: pain Shard: HTDTNA <(pain found by combining exhibitA from Exterminal with Capital G) and (HTDTNA found from the capital letters on the Mailstrom try_again page.)

    (SUBJECT: Re: The Beginning)
    Wreckage: flood Shard: LHL7P3 <number strings hidden in the static of CD Booklet move your fingers as though you were dialing on a phone. (WFLOODSLHL7P3)>

    (SUBJECT: Prodigal daughter)
    Wreckage: cleansing Shard: 3Rrt45 <"Art is Witness" (White on Red) and "Art Resistance" (Black on Gray)>
    Operation Swamp0000

    (found on billboard under bridge. Location of bilboard was given in an AIR flier)
    Operation Chip Sweep

    (Mentioned on
    The Price Of Treason

    (From a link in an email from the Bearu of Morality)
    Open Source Resistance

    (From The Price of Treason Slide show (The Slow Slide Into Treason))
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