So if you had to condense all three volumes down to one for the masses, and capture maybe not necessarily all the best tracks, but the shows most iconic, and also have it flow well as one cohesive piece of music, what would your playlist look like? I'm constantly playing around with mine, as I'm still getting to know this killer score intimately, but my current version looks like the below. I'm curious to see what others would look like, or if anyone feels strongly about a track that must be included that isn't on my list. I think with the success of the Emmy win, it could behoove them to release a version of this in like the itunes store for less than 10 bucks for the casual fan who fan want to check it out but won't bother with devoting over 90 minutes of time to digesting all three volumes. Thoughts?

1. The Way It Used To Be
2. How The West Was Really Won
3. Nun With a Motherfucking Gun
4. Kicked in the Balls Again
5. Objects in Mirror (Are Closer Than They Appear)
6. Which Came First
7. Pay No Attention To The Cactus
8. Kattle Battle
9. The Dark Knut Returns
10. Doomsday Prepper
11. The Brick
12. Owl Hunts Rat
13. Dreamland Jazz
14. Lincoln Tunnel
15. Life on Mars?