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Thread: LISTEN - POD LIKE A HOLE - Nine Inch Nails Book - NINterview

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    LISTEN - POD LIKE A HOLE - Nine Inch Nails Book - NINterview

    A new interview about Into The Never, my book on NIN and The Downward Spiral is up with Pod Like A Hole - a podcast that did a deep dive into every NIN album and Halo release.

    Here I'm talking about my first experience of listening to Nine Inch Nails, where Trent's music sits in the world of Industrial, and The Downward Spiral's neglected brother album, The Manic Street Preachers "The Holy Bible"

    The original Pod Like A Hole series is also great and after NIN they follow David Bowie's career, so I would recommend those podcasts also.

    Listen Here:


    Find out more about my book:



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