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Thread: An Invitation to THE INVITATION

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    An Invitation to THE INVITATION

    Hey, y'all!
    Long time, no see.

    I quickly wanted to share something I'm surprisingly proud of: a limited podcast series I've spent the last year (and counting) working on. It's a scene-by-scene breakdown of my favorite film, which happens to be the 2015 suspense/drama/horror indie THE INVITATION, directed by Karyn Kusama. It's great for October/Halloween viewing, and is a staple of NETFLIX. I'm envious of you if you haven't seen it!

    During the podcast, I read a scene from the script (which is fully sound designed and complete with a brand new original score) then use the 2nd half of each episode to analyze and break down the themes of that scene like an audio essay. I like to call it a "Radio Play meets Film Criticism hybrid." Furthermore, I read from the screenplay so there are plenty of deleted lines or scenes that don't appear in the final film – thus creating an uncut, audio version of the movie. Simultaneously, I address each scene as it happens with minimal spoilers, so theoretically, it could be enjoyed by someone who hasn't seen it (it was very important for me to keep this in mind and constantly create atmosphere and context).

    The first 2 (of 15) episodes are available now! New episode every Tuesday.



    Apple Podcasts


    When I started writing and producing this pod, I was probably more depressed than I've ever been – lifelong sanctuaries like music and illustration felt hollow, but engaging with this film in this medium pulled me out. I don't think it's a coincidence that expressing myself through a film that deals explicitly with grief & mourning helped me.

    In any case, I'd be genuinely honored if you checked out the series. I've already received acknowledgement from the cast & crew of the movie which has, in some ways, always been my highest aspiration with this project...

    The legend JOHN CARROLL LYNCH (Pruitt).

    My hero and star of the film, LOGAN MARSHALL-GREEN (Will).

    Co-writer, co-producer, and husband of Karyn Kusama, PHIL HAY.

    Thanks so much for reading, folks!
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    imagebb.com image not found x4, FYI.

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    i also adore that movie!!! this sounds so cool!

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