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Nine Inch Nails: live at Hollywood Palladium 2018 [Show #6 of 6]

Last show of Cold and Black and Infinite tour. Guest appearances from MQ and Mike Garson. Pretty sure it was longest setlist of the tour.

This is the first release of Palladium series which will include all 6 shows eventually. Decided to start with this one as it was the most important one, and had the most source footage available (almost twice as much as the next best, even though all 6 gigs had roughly the same attendance). It was originally supposed to hype the upcoming tour as well... Let it be a consolation instead.

I spent nearly all summer just collecting raw footage from Palladium gigs. And so much of it still escaped me (many people, including ETS regulars, not replying me to even tell me to gtfo...). Even after all this, I still have some gaps in other shows coverage. So. If you have any footage from Palladium shows #1-5, send it to me and I'll add it to the next installments of this series!
Thank you @fillow & @ninlive ! I watched this whole show real loud yesterday. I'd heard the tape before but the film @fillow has put together is amazing! I especially enjoyed the HTDA mini set & the 3 songs from Fragile during the encore. So cool to have Mike Garson playing with the band & the cover of Greensleeves is beautiful. Outstanding!