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Thread: Twitch

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    Anyone use twitch here?
    I searched and was surprised to not see a thread on this.

    I recently got streaming set up last week. Friend got me the stuff I needed to stream for my birthday.
    Tried it out the last few nights. It's neat.

    Come hang out and give a follow if you want to watch me play some games. https://www.twitch.tv/manburning

    I am mainly a retro gamer, so don't expect any Fortnite or Call Of duty or the latest and greatest fighting game, lol.
    Expect to see like indie and eSHOP games (for example Bloodstained, Streets of Rage 4, River City Girls, Shovel Knight, Blazing Chrome), SNES games and Mario Maker. Maybe an RPG here or there.

    Girlfriend and I have been playing the new Battletoads 2020 reboot that came out on Xbox One.
    We also stream Jackbox Party pack, if that's your thing (fun trivia type games where your cell phone is your controller)

    I mainly stream at night between 7:30PM and 3AM PT

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    I'm throw you a follow! I'm on every day from being bored from everything else. I wanna start streaming myself but I don't have the best computer atm and I refuse to stream in 720 off my PS4. Retro is probably the main topic I follow on there.

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    Oh cool! I'm on Twitch alot (mainly for challenge runners and speed runners) but i'll give you a follow! WELCOME TO THE FOLD!

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