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Thread: Nine Inch Nails Concept Art

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    Nine Inch Nails Concept Art

    In addition to making music as A Virtual Memory and artwork as Permian Designs, I like to design conceptual album art in my spare time as a way to experiment with new styles and techniques. Linked here is an album of various pieces I've done from 2013 to present covering a variety of artists including Nine Inch Nails, Gary Numan, Swans, Aphex Twin, SPK and more:

    Here are some examples of selected work from various Nine Inch Nails live recording series:

    Cold + Black + Infinite:

    Live: With_Teeth:


    Night of Nothing 1996:

    Live Hate:

    *I also want to note that, with the exception of the Nine Inch Nails logos and the original source images for the "Live Hate" series, all photographs and visual components used are my own.

    This being a Nine Inch Nails forum, I figured some folks here would find these specific works of particular interest. If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts! As usual, I'm open to commission so if you're looking for custom album artwork or graphic design, please feel free to reach out via PM or email me at either or

    Take care, stay safe, and hope you all enjoy the art!

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