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Thread: Controversial Television Opinions

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    Controversial Television Opinions

    There is one for music and movies, so...

    1. Millennium was, overall, a better show than The X Files. As much as I love Mulder and Scully, Frank Black was a cooler, more interesting character. I love X Files, but was just more into Millennium, maybe because there were only three seasons, there were fewer duds (although there were some bad ones). The defacto finale, which was an X Files episode titled "Millennium" was a disappointment, but it was cool seeing Frank Black with Mulder and Scully.

    2. Leno didn't suck, I thought his opening monologue was decent, sometimes funny.

    3. Never thought Carson was funny. I know a lot of people say he was the king of late nignt, and I recognize his influence, but he just wasn't that funny, imho.

    4. Deep Space Nine was the best Star Trek.

    5. American Dad is better than Family Guy.

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    1 - Sopranos is bad. I've tried multiple times and I just don't like it.
    2 - King of the Hill is way underrated.

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