Dear community,

I have a trouble with the first Warm up 1994 date.

It's used to be said Probe Club is Helter Skelter.

Sources :

I never really checked this before and always deal with Helter Skelter (enough proof of this gig at Helter with a review 2 days after the show).

An Article on Cash box deasl with a Probe Club gig during warm up.

This club name existed since 1978 until 1999

"PROBE was a private membership night club in Los Angeles, from 1978-1999. We welcomed adults there and here. Keep in mind that this is an open group and is visible to the public..New page members with no idea of how Probe was different from most other clubs can get a limited impression from viewing the few brief scenes filmed in the club for the 1980 film "American Gigolo" -starring Richard Gere. In addition, Probe was home to other promotions -each with a different name and music format that in total, included nearly every kind of customer base imaginable! Active participation is encouraged by all generations and variations of our PROBE family including entertainment professionals, members, guests, visitors from the few clubs whose members we welcomed as our own, and all of our friends -old & new! "

Helter Skelter existed since 1989.

why telling that the club is the same are both exist in 1994 ?
Can't NIN played a day before a private gig there before Helter Skelter ?
Probe seems to be a perfect place for a "sexual" show by the way!

I try to find a radical proof of the Probe show but at this time can't find.