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    Bootleg Database

    I (re)built this site to solve a problem I've had for years. This is an API-driven website, architected from the ground up to be kind of a combination of Discogs and for bootleg recordings. It was born out of numerous discussions with @Leviathant way back in 2009-2010, but then halted due to increasing complexity and the time needed to implement features.

    I never stopped thinking about it, though.

    Starting in 2017, I had to learn React and Redux for work because the company I was at then did all custom API development for mobile apps and API-driven websites. I realized that I could absolutely accomplish now what I envisioned the site to be way back then after an extra decade of experience and technology maturation.

    Anyway, without further ado...

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I have hundreds of bootlegs in digital format, on CD, and on DVD--and not all of them are Nine Inch Nails. With so many bootlegs and no centralized place to keep track of them, it's difficult to remember what I have and what I think of each one. Because of this, I've spent countless gigabytes of data and hours of time downloading bootlegs I already have and got excited about a new source only to find out it's one I'd had for months/years.

    Bootleg Database aims to be a community-driven catalog of live performances and all known recordings for those performances while simultaneously allowing users to not only enter and manage content but also to manage their own personal bootleg collection.

    Anyone can create an account and manage their bootleg recording collection.

    It's still very much a work in progress but so far, users can rate recordings, leave notes about recordings, and even tag them using their own personal set of tags for any conceivable usage. Here's my collection as an example. Recordings then have an overall averaged rating of all submitted ratings from each user's collection. I feel this gives a better impression of the recording's quality than just that of the taper or the person who's sharing/hosting the bootleg files. Metacritic a bit, too, I guess.

    The site tracks all kinds of nerdy goodness both seen and unseen: times songs have been played, breakdowns of songs-by-album for performances, the musicians and instruments they play in each band, on each tour, and at each performance, and more.

    It's free to join, there is no shady data gathering or selling of any kind, and with more people using it, the better the site will become--both from a data and user experience perspective. I have Amazon affiliate links on microphone detail pages in an attempt to possibly generate some revenue by selling mics that make awesome recordings. That's it.

    Sign up today and start adding information and managing your collection. Most importantly: let me know what you think!

    I've added a bunch of information already including the entire Cold and Black and Infinite North America 2018 tour with all known recordings from @ninlive up until about April of this year.

    EDIT: included a link to my collection page to show how it looks and works so far.
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