I was searching throughout the forum, and I am seeing that Jeff doesn't have his own thread yet! That's a shame, if you have yet to hear about Jeff Rosenstock, I would strongly encourage you to give his music a chance, he has been releasing music free of charge for decades, he is one of the most consumer friendly artists out there and quality wise he has been on top! He has been involved in with many projects and still is to this today, he has gotten more attention when he has gone solo though, which is also a good starting point.Jeff is a Punk at heart who likes to throw plenty of Pop influence into his music, a lot of hooks, I guess you could say it is Pop Punk at heart, but before you turn away, Jeff puts the Punk of Pop-Punk first rather than the opposite and his music isn't juvenile, and far from corporate as you would perhaps expect from this genre. His music has actually a lot of raw energy and feel to it with plenty of shrieks and screams, there is little bit of influence from the old classic Weezer albums (Blue, Pinkerton...the good ones') when it comes to melodies at some points.He has just released his new solo album "NO DREAM" and it is just as good as anything else he has released solo.The good entry points are "We Cool?" and "WORRY", and I would say this new album as well! He isn't known just for his solo career though; Many consider "Three Cheers For Disappointment" from "The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches" to be his another master-piece, it is perhaps the most aggressive thing he's been involved in, it is a Ska Punk, with shit ton of Hardcore Punk influence, and again, with plenty of melody and hooks.Another band he's been involved in which got plenty of attention was "Bomb The Music Industry!" which is absolutely worth checking out! I myself have to delve deeper into that side of Jeff, so I unfortunately do not have much to provide on it.
You can get all of these albums mentioned above for free! You of course have the option to donate.
http://quoteunquoterecords.com/albums.htmAnyway, the new album is absolutely amazing. I've been listening to it non-stop!