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Thread: David Bowie

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    Okay... so after my grump about I Can't Read '97 I'm sufficiently cheered by the latest Is It Any Wonder? material. Baby Universal '97, Nuts and Stay '97 are all a bit more like it! I've not heard the Clownboy mixes of Fun, but knowing Danny Saber is on the mix then I'll assume it is suitably electronic.
    As for TMWSTW '95 - it is a great recording and I guess just about rare enough to warrant inclusion. Might actually be tempted to pick up a CD for the first time in like forever. I do wonder what the motivation is for doing a release like this though... have they given up with the boxsets now? I'm not a collector so don't bother buying them, but I'm hoping for a lot more 90s material to appear digitally... my collection is missing a few edits and mixes from the Earthling era which I hoped would appear on a Re:call disc. I'd also be very keen on some Earthling era live material... an official recording of O Superman would make my decade.

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    David Bowie

    Is there any where to buy this in FLAC? Debating ordering the CD (ha) just to get lossless files.

    Edit: well I ordered the CD.
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    I want lossless too, but no preorders for it at the usual haunts. I suspect it'll show up at HDtracks on release day. Nabbed the LP, though, and happy it doesn't have the ChangesNowBowie track.

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