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Thread: Your Favorite Band Sucks - A comedy podcast about overrated bands.

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    Your Favorite Band Sucks - A comedy podcast about overrated bands.

    If I remember correctly, did sources based on music critics and reviewers have a place in The Musical Revolution section?





    If not, apologies in advance, as this might just belong in the Speak your mind section instead. This podcast seems to be well-deserved here as it also happens to have the same exact title as this section's subtitle.

    I'll also admit that I was taken aback at first when I saw their Nine Inch Nails sucks. video, but still decided to give it a chance. As a matter of fact, I actually found them because I was looking up Suck, as I sometimes like to check out Nine Inch Nails performing Suck live.

    Much to my surprise, I actually enjoyed it once I figured what their satirical angle was, and have legitimately found it hilarious at times. To me it's part serious, yet also obviously jocular as it's intended to be a roast on popular bands and fan-bases. They also seem to cut through all sorts of layers and levels when it comes to elitists and poseurs in general, along with particular music opinions that sometimes come across as inconsistent, hypocritical, fabricated, fallacious and contradictory, no matter how popular or controversial/unpopular they are. Granted, I'll admit that they troll for comedic effect, but they have proven their credibility and knowledge of bands when they get serious, albeit in a tongue in cheek way, no matter how subtle or blatant.

    If anything, this is kind of like the music version of the satirical over-the-top angry gamer (Think Angry Video Game Nerd or Game Grumps, at least for the more comedic non-angry side, but just as music critics/reviewers yet again.) rants to me, with some hints of actual, legitimate/serious opinions/ideas here and there. I'll understand if it's not for you though, but for those that enjoy it, I hope you can find it as entertaining and as hilarious as I did. If anything it helps me not take music debates/arguments so seriously and to some extent is very humbling. My sense of humor also kept me re-visiting this podcast, but I'll also understand if this podcast is like the ultimate transgression/blasphemy/sacrilege/abomination to Echoing the Sound.

    Anyway, here's a few videos to give you an idea as to what this podcast is all about. They also, sometimes take requests. I can't wait until they do a video on Ministry and/or Marilyn Manson.

    It's also just one of the cases where I'm absolutely okay with liking something other people don't like, which I'm clearly no stranger to, but they just have a vibe that gels well with me.

    Oh right, and by all means, please share the videos in the whatever band's respective thread if you'd like. It helps the show spread either way, and at least this is the one-stop thread for the show altogether. I've also have realized for quite some time that no band is ever absolutely exempt from criticism/roasts either. Kind of like there's no movie without sin on CinemaSins.

    I also forgot to mention that another thing that helped me find this podcast was due to my habit of typing *Insert Popular Topic Sucks* on Google out of sheer curiosity, since there's always going to be people saying something popular sucks, no matter what. I guess it somehow paid off this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gavlan View Post
    I like listening to heavy rock from the 1980s and 1970s. I get excited whenever I hear this style of song. I recently found a website dedicated to this genre of music.
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    Ohh, I got so lucky that I entered this topic. I love this music!!
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