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Thread: Some of my Anime styled artwork.

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    Some of my Anime styled artwork.

    Thought i'd share some of my drawings here as many of them are NIN inspired or are linked to various songs i like.

    Haven't been as active as i'd like (the tablet i was using for drawing, Google Nexus 10, is on it's way out...and some various depression episodes haven't helped) but take a look if you feel like it.

    There is a story i was working on (still am) if you want to read into some of it, there are bit and bobs in various drawing descriptions.

    On a side note i thought i'd posted a drawing i'd done of my game persona Finger Bangs...i guess i didn't. Need to get on that. Anyway here are a few i quite like...

    Thanks for looking

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    The last one with red hair is Erza? If not, then looks very similar. This is the only character which comes to my mind when I look at this picture. Maybe you were inspired by it, because I see a few differences and I am not sure if is she or not, that's why I am asking. I got an anime body pillow with a few characters from Fary Tail on it, which is very cool. I was thinking to order a few more, and replace all my pillows which I have right now, and transform my room into a mini anime world, which will make me feel cozy and happy of course.
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