Anyone who plays piano knows that you can feel as though you've left the room and disappeared when you really let it all out on the piano. You feel like you are disappearing from the real world while at the same time you are letting out your feelings and array of emotions in a way not possible with a pen our your mouth. I'm listening to 'Background Noise' off of Gone Girl, TR is using a real piano and he makes sure you hear the pedals engage and release, which is quite fascinating... and I cannot help but feel immersed in the song and somewhat disconnected from my work at hand (SQL Programming & Dev), I cannot imaging how TR felt while writing and recording that song, I imagine TR/AR mostly chooses scores based on whether or not he and AR resonate with the story; the point is the story allows TR/AR to release their emotions and apply them practically.

TR often sings about disappearing to a place where he feels safe, Does TR use his piano as an escape and as therapy? What better place or thing is there for a musician to turn to when they need to hide?

I hope I am making sense,