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Thread: It actually worked! Vinyl Experience.

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    It actually worked! Vinyl Experience.

    After waiting 20+ years I FINALLY invested in a turntable and high quality speakers.

    This past Saturday night my wife and I got the two kids into bed then we headed downstairs and had a few cocktails as we spun our favourite LPs; albums we have listened to 100's of time.

    It is worth noting that we ALWAYS listen to music on Google home, an Anker blutooth speaker, Bose, or in the car etc... music is always playing in our house via spotify.

    Obviously she got to go first, then I got to go.

    First: As 'Pearl Jam - Vs' spun we discussed the meaning behind the lyrics and stories about the album and songs etc... we listened and enjoyed. She is a bigger fan of PJ and the album, her eyes lit up and I saw an excitement in her I'd never seen.

    Second: I got to spin The Fragile. We had such an enjoyable time listening to the first LP. I explained some theories behind the lyrics, and pointed out some sounds and techniques the average person wouldn't catch, like how TR layers his vocals and uses his vocals as a synth in TDTWWA etc... I showed her the accompanying picture of Dre and TR when 'Even Deeper' came on, man that song is fucking DEEP.

    Third: We spun 'Pearl Jam - Ten' and the most memorable moment of the night was when Deep came on; I said "wow we just listened to NIN EVEN DEEPER, I wonder if Eddie and TR are kind of singing about the same thing here; you know... rock bottom... in too deep... but it does get deeper etc..."

    But he sinks himself deep
    Can't touch the bottom
    In too deep, hey
    Can't touch the bottom, can't touch the bottom

    Owning, holding, reading, and discovering an album in LP/Vinyl format as it's spinning around and around IS an experience like no other.

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