Its been awhile since I last posted anything on here so I guess I should probably share my music since its what ive been so busy with. A lot of my music revolves around my depression, though there are some songs that aren't that are planned to be about different topics,

Im current working on a whopping 5 projects. 4 Albums and an EP. My own Trilogy based around my depression, an album in Tribute to Diablo and an Album about one of my favorite anime.

But as of now, I have two songs from projects uploaded on my Bandcamp, plus a mashup/cover song that is one of my projects.

I'll go over the songs in detail too

Song: "The Pit"
Album: "Shadows of Oblivion"
Genre: Dark Ambient

I wrote this song it early 2018 as part of my anime project. I realized I had to many songs so I had to cut this song out, plus I couldn't find any lyrics or a melody that worked with he song. I went back to this song around May of this year and made some lyrics that dealt around a brief description of my depression. It also comments if I am willing to continue my life or not. Do I really want keep on fighting? Do I want to jump down into the pit and never come back again?

Song: "My Darkest Day"
Album: "My Darkest Day" EP
Genre: Ambient, Acoustic

This is without a doubt my most personal song I have ever wrote and probably ever will. This song goes into great detail about how I will most likely outlast my mother in terms of life. I am a mamas boy. I love my mom so much. She keeps my mind in check with her just being around, and I really have no Idea what would happen when I do loose her. I both love and hate this song for that reason.

Song: "8 Billion/Leaving Hope"
Album: "Vicissitude"
Genre: Ambient

Leaving Hope is my favorite NIN song of all time, so It was a given that I would cover it sometime. The song 8 Billion, from the Before The Flood soundtrack is something I only stumbled across recently, I really loved what I was hearing, the piano chords...really spoke a lot without having to say a single word and I love songs like that. And since both songs are in C minor, I thought it would be a good choice for a mash up with the two.

thats all the songs that I have been working on so far. Ill keep you all posted for any more