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Thread: Hidden Not The Actual Events vinyl text - in the crease?

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    Hidden Not The Actual Events vinyl text - in the crease?

    No one has ever solved this, but I rediscovered this and remembered some people on Discord found it a while ago.

    Top picture is a photo of the blue with red sleeve I have, taken with my mirrorless camera, and the other is a photo of the red with blue sleeve, taken by someone on Discord.
    Yes, that's right, if you literally open the sleeve/liner notes from the side, there is text. And it's different between versions.
    "D O T C O M S L A S H N T A E", and for the red one, "D O T C O M S L A S H H A L O 2 9". The DOTCOM part is sort of hard to see but it's on the way edge and is partially seen on the other side of the sleeve. Of course that would likely mean it links to a website of some sort, ending with: '.com/ntae' or '.com/halo29'.

    Here's the problem. I have no idea what this website could be. It definitely isn't nin.com, trust me, I've tried-- it redirects you to the home page, just like anything else entered after the slash that aren't the pages on the site.

    Now, I really understand this could be a red herring and an indicator that the EP is Not The Actual Events and it is Halo 29, sure. However, something just doesn't seem right and I'm sort of baffled.

    I hope someone can help find answers here, if there are any...

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    Here we go again...

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    I direct you the the final paragraph in this artice...


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    Short of tearing the thing to pieces, I scoured through my CD version last night and didn't see anything. There *may* be something under the glued front panel (probably not), although I don't want to destroy my copy, so didn't check.

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