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The Soul FYC is also available to stream here (if you look at the page source, you can find the MP3 links to download easily):


I haven't really listened to it, but it doesn't seem to be too different from the retail release. They took out tracks that weren't eligible. Some were trimmed, like "Portal / The Hall of Everything" became just "Portal". Some tracks were trimmed by, like, 5-10 seconds; I haven't checked to see if those are different in some way or just trimmed silence or something.

Also, this year was the last year that the Academy is allowing physical screeners, so there will be no more FYC CD's to collect (I believe most other awards ceremonies are following suit). Everything will be online now, like the Disney site above.
that's really cool info, thanks. makes this FYC even harder to find I bet since you'll be having FYC and NIN completionists looking.