Trent Reznor
Five Minutes after Twilight
Scranton , Pennsylvania.....

He had been Relegated there from his Usual digs in Mercer , Pennsylvania as punishment for Eating Many of Hot Pockets - Which were described as having neatly folded layers of Cheese . Sometime had Passed before Trent - Only Known as Master Mitchum - knew it was Only a Matter of Time Before he had a Glass of Water Once Again.
The Boondock Boonies were So Prestige .So Extra and Boujie. Dime Lovely , Like a Crib straight the Ghetto . Trent had Stepped to That , dropping several F-bombs and Bricks suntin' FEIRCE . Master Bricks, Atticus Ross had called him. Atticus was in the next Boujie Hovel Next Door . Maybe he would Let Him Stay Over. He had All the Famous Amos Cookies in the World.
Whatever. All He could Remember the Last Time it happened was some Rishi Fuck had Opened the Door . They said , " Master Micheal, are you perhaps there? You are sounding a bit Debois.... "
He thought he had called him, "Miguel." He was escorted out the Cut by Several of his Gamey Friends - Otherwise known as Gentleman - and was so mad he threw another Brick at the Ground . All he could hear was Ministry,The Dead Guy in The Backround. He Knew at Then He Was So Outtie. The Gentleman had Looked, and Fearfully Proclaimed, " Do You Not Want to get Closer to God? "
He could clearly see Atticus Ross in the Window of his Hovel, thoughtfully watching The Gentleman , bag of cookies in Hand and Gameshow,Ministry,in the Backround. Trent sneered, turned , and threw another Brick on the Ground as he retorted to The Gentleman, "Psych Nigga, He's Dead!!!"
He was so Full of Himself after that , he called Lars Ulrich and asked him to teach him how to write Haiku.
Grit.Brawn.Prestige.Damn Skippy, Lars Had Proclaimed, Also throwing a Brick at the Ground . Lars was G as Fuck - as in German.
Crazy . Foreign . Boujie as Fuck. After That Happened, Master Micheal wrote this Haiku :
I Am The Prettiest Hate
The Most Exquisite Fuck
I Can Do Whatever
I Want To Do
Nothing Can Stop Me Now
The Most Notorious
The Most exquisite excuse
Satisfied, Master Micheal Stayed Inside His Bed , and Did Use His pillow to Cover Up His Eyes .
Nine Minutes after Twilight
Trent hoped they would go, Looking to Blame some Other Person. He thought of David Bowie, in Curt Appointment with his Girlfriend. He could clearly recall the words "Fuckin' Bitch" in Black Spray Paint on the Regulation Carpet Floor- With Teeth , and " breaking glass " playing in the Backround .With Great Attitude, Style, - And Prestige. The Delicate, Salted and Better Yet, The Most Faithful pieces of The Bathroom Water Glass Faithfully and Irrevocably Placed Nearby. Lovely and Diminished. It was Quite Capable. Stylisation is Everything.
Tell the Others,
The End