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Thread: Podcasts

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    Just a few:

    The Pat McAfee Show - Ex-Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee. Dude is hilarious and has some really good insight on the NFL.
    The Lowe Post - Zach Lowe (ESPN) talks about basketball. He has a great basketball mind for sure.
    Spittin' Chiclets - Part of the Barstool Sports network. Hockey podcast featuring former players.
    How Did This Get Made - Jason Mantzoukas, Paul Scheer, and June Diane Raphael discuss terrible movies, sometimes with an audience.
    The Bill Simmons Podcast - General sports and pop culture from The Ringer's Bill Simmons.
    SWIM (Someone Who Isn't Me) - Daniel P Carter from BBC1 interviews musicians/artists. They're not frequent, but they're always good.

    There are various other sports-related shows in there, but those are probably my favorites.

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    I know I'm late on this, but Limetown is AMAZING. Anyone who likes The X-Files or similar things should listen to this. The production is top-notch, the acting is surprisingly good and the story is incredible. I'm sitting at work with my heart racing and my adrenaline pumping. This is like watching a great TV show except in audio form. Highly, highly recommended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theruiner View Post
    I know I'm late on this, but Limetown is AMAZING. Anyone who likes The X-Files or similar things should listen to this. The production is top-notch, the acting is surprisingly good and the story is incredible. I'm sitting at work with my heart racing and my adrenaline pumping. This is like watching a great TV show except in audio form. Highly, highly recommended.
    You should listen to Homecoming next. Love that one.

    I listened to the first ep. of Ear Hustle which is produced by convicts in San Quentin. Great start out the gate, I hope they can keep it up. I'm used to tweeting at podcasters to let them know I listened, what I liked or ask a question. It's probably my main use of Twitter. These guys, you have to send a post card, old skool.

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    Here is what I listen to

    Holybatcast- Best DC related podcast and best Batman podcast.
    H3H3 podcast- they just started and it streams on twitch live every friday.
    Rf4rm( real fans 4 real movies)- The main podcast to the sister podcast ( holy batcast) these dudes talk movies.
    smodcast- any kevin smith show from this network is great
    The Jasta Show- the best heavy metal podcast out there.
    Talk is Jericho- Dude is a great podcaster
    Steve Austin Unleashed- Love to hear stone cold talk about wrestling and his ranch.
    Joe Rogan- Everyone knows this one

    Ill give a shout out to this one but sometimes, more than often, I want to strangle these douchbags because of their "know it all" negative attitude
    CUPodcast. Its great when they talk retro games, but total shit when it comes to everything else. Fuck Pat Contri.

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    I listen to podcasts at work all day, which is kind of awesome. And I keep finding more and more good podcasts to add to my favorites list on Stitcher, and now I’m up to 22 podcasts that I listen to regularly. I think I might need a life.

    Here are all my podcasts, for whatever reason. In no particular order:

    Out Here in America
    The /Filmcast
    Bertcast’s Podcast
    Industry Standard w/Barry Katz
    Love + Radio
    The Hilarious World of Depression
    Good One
    Podcast Playlist
    Reply All
    The Heart
    Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me
    TED Radio Hour
    Snap Judgment
    How to Be a Girl
    Citizen Radio
    This American Life
    The Moth
    The Atheist Experience
    Kevin and Bean


    I have become addicted to storytelling podcasts. My favorites are, in this order: The Moth, Snap Judgment and This American Life. There are some other good ones on the list, too (The Heart immediately springs to mind). I’ve got a couple of LGBTQ podcasts (Nancy, Out Here in America, How to Be a Girl), science stuff, comedy stuff…so many different kinds. It really helps the work day go by a lot easier. It still amazes me that there is so much genuinely great free content out there.

    Oh! Also, I will listen to Fresh Air, The Nerdist and You Made It Weird when there are good guests on.

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    I just recently finished listened to every episode of the How Did This Get Made? podcast. It's 3 semi well known UCB alum (Paul Sheer, Jason Mantzoukas, and June Diane Raphael) talking about whatever shitty movie. I like a lot of comedy podcasts, but I'm noticing lately just how much funnier legitimate improv comics are. They're each hilarious in their own way, but Jason Mantzoukas is definitely the stand-out among them. They also have a special guest on each episode, which often adds a lot to the show since they're often comic friends or other amazing improvs. And they do everything from awful little 70s 'indie' movies to huge garbage blockbusters. I listened to them every day at work from late July to late October and it's terribly sad to be finished and waiting a week for each new one. 10/10 highly recommend

    But finishing up HDTGM is what made me try out the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast. I'm not a huge fan of the show because I feel like the improv doesn't really work in that medium, at least the way they do improv. Both things are run by and he started the whole Earwolf comedy network, under which HDTGM resides.

    But the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast is basically just Scott and a regular comedian guest along with an 'interesting character' who joins them for whatever reason. This person is always a comic doing a character they're either making up on the spot or have done previously on the show. Sometimes it's a famous celebrity like John Lennon, but it's usually just some carnie or something. And essentially they just riff off of each other the whole time. They might play an improv game or two, but the best ones I've heard are all totally off the cuff. Usually with them all breaking a hearty amount.

    I started off with some of the Jason Mantzoukas guest episodes because it helped transition from HDTGM and I've found almost all of them absurdly funny. Sometimes they'll have like 10+ guests on, all doing characters, and it usually works out to just be all of them trying to totally fuck with everybody else by asking questions or discussing topics that will totally stump the others or just make them die laughing. I dunno how well I'm selling it, but it's like just non-stop comedy with a hefty serving of 'contagious laughter' getting to you. I'd start out with some of the later episodes, maybe a few live ones, because the early episodes are a bit slower at first. But there isn't a plot or anything beyond the rare callback so it doesn't really matter.

    Special mention for The Flop House Podcast which is also a bad movie review comedy podcast, but it's done pretty differently than HDTGM that I was able to start listening to these without being annoyed that they weren't HDTGM. It's done by two ex Daily Show writers and current general funny guys and also their friend who isn't really a comedian but that's part of his charm. Worth checking out for sure, these guys are really fast on their feet.

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    Updated list:

    Subscribed: Harmontown, Your Mom’s House, Marty And Sarah Love Wrestling, Art of Wrestling, The Last Podcast On The Left, Abe Lincoln’s Top Hat, and We’re No Doctors.

    It Depends on the Guest(s): Joe Rogan Experience, WTF

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    As of 11/8/2017

    Abe Lincoln's Top Hat (Political/News Commentary with Comedy)
    Generation Why (True Crime Studies)
    The Horror Show: A Horror Podcast (Horror movie reviews obviously)
    The Horrorcast Horror Movie Discussion Podcast (Obvious by the title)
    The Jasta Show (Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta interviews musicians)
    The Last Podcast On The Left (True Crime/Horror Studies with Black Comedy)
    The Loser's Club: A Stephen King Podcast (Obvious by title)

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    A long list of what I'm listening to now:

    The Asian Madness Podcast (Asian countries-based true crime)
    Atlanta Monster (an investigation into the Atlanta child murders from '79-'81) (complete series but maybe some new ones if new information comes forward)
    The British History Podcast (a full and complex history of Britain from pre-history going forward)
    Buried Truth (a story of Black voter suppression and murder) (complete series)
    Business Wars (short corporate battles stories... the Beats by Dre story is great)
    Casefile True Crime (true crime from around the globe)
    Crime Junkie (some lesser known US-based true crime and some well known ones as well)
    Crimetown (in-depth stories of city hall corruption in various US cities)
    Dead Man Talking (analyzing the confessions of an executed murdered for truthfulness)
    Eight Minutes - Who Killed David Breckenridge? (analysis of available information regarding the disappearance and probable murder of David) (complete series unless new information comes out)
    Felonious Florida (true based based in Florida)
    FRAMED: An Investigative Story (analysis of available information regarding the disappearance and probable murder of Brian Carrick) (complete series unless new information comes out)
    Happy Face (follow the daughter of a serial killer trying to reconcile her history)
    Hell and Gone (an investigation into the murder of Rebekah Gould)
    Historyteller (in-depth history, so far dealing with Carthage)
    Ignorance Was Bliss (on-going discussions of mental health with a focus on criminals; very honest discussions)
    Ladykillers (women are murders too)
    Mens Rea (mainly Ireland and UK true crime)
    misconduct. a true crime podcast (mainly US true crime)
    Missing & Murdered (with with MMIW in Canada)
    Mogul (Hip Hop and mental health) (complete series)
    Murder under the Midnight Sun (Alaskan-based true crime)
    Murder Was The Case (in-depth analysis of the criminal mind, both informal and more critical)
    Nordic True Crime (true crimes from the cold northern European countries)
    Ongoing History of New Music (talking about not "pop" music; copyright friendly versions of the radio show... meaning very little music in each episode)
    Open: The Case of Leigh Occhi (analysis of the disappearance of Leigh) (complete series unless new information comes out)
    The RFK Tapes (analysis and investigation of the assassination of RFK) (complete series)
    Searching for Rachel Antonio (analysis of the disappearance of Rachel) (complete series unless new information comes out)
    The Secret Life of Canada (lesser known Canadian history)
    Shattered: White Boy Rick (yeah, like the movie) (complete series; second series by the production team)
    Shout!Takes: A Shout! Factory Podcast (podcast formatted content that usually is put on DVD/Blu-ray releases)
    Someone Knows Something (ongoing analysis and investigation in various Canadian cold cases)
    Suspect Convictions (analysis of the murder of a 9-year old) (complete series unless new information comes out)
    They Walk Among Us - UK True Crime (uh, UK-based true crime)
    Thunder Bay (talking about the fucked up violent corrupt status of Thunder Bay, Ontario)
    True Crime Finland (uh, Finnish true crime)
    True Crime Sweden (yeah, but in Sweden this time)
    Truth & Justice with Bob Ruff (in-depth analysis and investigation in wrongfully convicted individuals)
    Uncivil (you want lesser known Black American civil war history? you got it here)
    Uncover (S1 deals with escaping NXVIM and S2 deals with the bombing of a plane in Canada)
    Up and Vanished (S1 is an investigation into the disappearance and probable murder of Tara Grinstead and S2 is about the disappearance and probable murder of Kristal Reisinger... both are ongoing)
    You Must Remember This (storytelling the lost and perhaps forgotten history of the first century of Hollywood)
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