My partner and I have been busy the last few months making hundreds of soy wax candles and have officially today opened our web store for orders at Lansing Wax ( We've got two different sizes, a 9oz. black glass tumbler and a clear 6 oz. hex glass. There's nine different scents up right now, ranging all the way from plain vanilla to a complex, deep and spicy one with hints of absinthe that we've affectionately dubbed "Halo" - and we're continuously working on more haha. The pizza delivery guy last week actually made a comment that it smelled nice in my house, "not to be weird or anything" - I think that let us know we're on the right track. Eventually we want to host little mini clinics, like a Painting with a Twist type thing where you can have a glass of wine and make your own candle. That's probably far down the road though. It's been a fun and rewarding process so far; between this and my day job, it's kind of taken over a lot of my life. Just thought I'd share!

Not trying to be spammy at all, but if it interests you at all then please come take a peek! All candles are 15% off through May 31.