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    "I'll make you a mixtape..."

    There are many thoughts on how to make a mixtape*.

    For me, I like to try and create an hour+ of a mix that takes the listener on a ride. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. But generally I'm happy with the output even if I don't always like all of the songs 100%, but the fit the mix so I use it.

    This is my primary form of artistic expression (including creating artwork for them).

    I really started back in, oh, probably 1990. The high school I went to had a rather nice mixing console with CD inputs and cassette tape output. So... I used that ...and I got hooked. Fading music in and out to make a smooth continuous mix of music I liked. Well, hell yeah.

    But I didn't really get going in earnest until the MP3 revolution. Then I could sequence tracks and burn them to CDs. I didn't have a mixing board or the processing power to do in software the way I wanted to, but that's when I really started to share my mixes.

    And then in 2005 I bought my first iMac and it had GarageBand... so that I used (and still use) to mix things the way I want.

    I started with 160kbps MP3s of my CD collection (and so many varied bitrate remixes from Napster**)... and then 320kbps AAC's of my CD and iTunes purchases (fun fact, importing DRM Apple tracks back in the day to GarageBand and then outputting them back into iTunes strips the DRM... or did for me). And then I bought a much larger HDD.

    So, we've got ALAC of vinyl rips and starting to do my CDs again, mixed the DVD rips and iTunes purchases.

    Now when my brain decides to start putting the puzzle pieces of a mix together, then I start with a new playlist and mix and match until I get the mood I want. It would be a mistake to try and analyze my mixes beyond that.

    Right now, I have 53 mixes I'm happy with. I'm lazily questing to replace as much of the CDs I have with the nicest vinyl versions of them, and will be remastering (again) the old mixes as the replacement continues.

    I just recently started using Mixcloud again to upload 320kbps versions of the mixes (instead of lossless download or lossless burned to CD) and the 8 most recent mixes can be found there (yes, it says 13 are up, but the last five were a special parameters year end mix and aren't really of the same quality).

    Here they are.

    So, yeah, this is my art...

    Not really a movie soundtrack, more like painting. I really like the conceptual idea of creating a sonic mosaic within a given space... and if I've done a good job, hopefully this listener will get the space I'm painting. Not quite like Eno but within the same realm.

    Do you do anything similar?

    Oh, I don't really make mixes for other people specifically, but if I think someone will appreciate the vibe of a particular mix, I'l let them know about it (or give them a copy when I see them).

    I have a few ongoing series of mixes (one of which I'll be ending with the next release in it... 10 is enough), and a big part of the inspiration to get a bit more creative with my musical choices, have been the "Back To Mine" series.

    If anyone wants a full set of physical copies of the mixes, DM me and we can set something up. If you're lucky, I'll even pay for it all.

    * - a curated selection of songs that are intended for an audience large than the creator. Not just a playlist.
    ** - and then I made it a mission to collect the physical media versions of the remixes I used on those mixtapes... I really like to support the artists/bands/rights holders, so I just buy lots of music. In the case of mash-ups, I even buy the source material to feel "justified" in using them.
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