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Thread: Newgrounds & YTMND

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    Newgrounds & YTMND

    This is yet another blast from the past. Long before YouTube, Newgrounds and YTMND were my ultimate sources for parodies and memes in the early 2000s.



    However, Newgrounds also had flash games to play. Should you browse both sites, I'd definitely recommend using an actual PC or laptop, since they sometimes don't load properly, let alone work on smartphones. I'm pleasantly surprised to see that both sites are not only still around, but allowing new registrations as well as permission for new content to be uploaded.

    And well, for those of you that have been to these sites back in their heyday, do you also have fond memories of visiting these sites?

    For those that are also new to either site, just search for anything popular/famous in the search fields on either site and you'll get the gist of them really quick.


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