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Thread: Skinny Puppy's VIVIsectVI Tour Support in 1988

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    Skinny Puppy's VIVIsectVI Tour Support in 1988


    At this time of my own investigation, here is my view :

    Sure :
    - October 21 1988 : Phantasy Theatre (Cleveland) - USA (Sure according to Closure DVD)
    - October 31, 1988 : Irving Plaza (New York City) - USA : Skinny Puppy show is sure according to poster and newpaper. NIN is only sure according to bootleg Show Up or Throw Up
    - November 02, 1988 : City Gardens (Trenton) - USA : sure according to newspaper review where NIN is cited (thanks TheBang)

    Wrong date :
    October 30, 1988 : 9:30 Club (Washington DC) - USA : according to newspaper 2 days before the show, Mark Of Kane was the opener : this band was opener and a lot of date. I have info at Austin, Phoenix for example.
    I think Montreal is also wrong but I have to find the newspaper to be sure. It's a big journey for a young band for just a date !

    Doubt :
    - Oct 22, 1988 - Detroit, St Andrews Hall : the venue and date is sure for Skinny Puppy (promo 20 days before) but nothing about the opener
    - Oct 23, 1988 - Cincinnatti, Bogarts : sure for skinny puppy with the ticket. I do have 2 or 3 newspapers dealing with. This night, at least Ogre and Cevin finished in jail cause someone in the venue though the dog puppet was real. This is mainly why I got papers about this night. Nothing about NIN or any opener
    - Oct 26, 1988 - Columbus : I have an echo, no venue and nothing about opener
    - Oct 27, 1988 - Pitsburgh - Graffiti : 2 or 3 newspapers about the date but nothing for the opener
    - Nov 01, 1988 - Philadelphia - Chestnut Cabaret : a Skinny Puppy date according to 2 newspapers 4 and 3 days before the show, always without opener name
    I can't find anything about the other dates.

    Any help is welcome
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