I decide today to present you this new site. it's under HUGE construction and I do think the first real complete version will be in at least 4 months. This is for the moment a one month work, about 5hour a day.
So this is probably too soon but I want some feedbacks and why not some help

This is a site only about NIN live, including poster/ticket/photos/setlist/records/press article. I did the same site, 20 years ago, about the Cure and I want this kind of site for NIN.

of course, you can think everything is already online here and there. It's nearly true. But I make it in a different way and with some datas never seen online. You can also think I'm an awful thief of other one work. My online original NIN source for scan is nin-historian and gladgarrot and a very few times RITC. I gonna thanks each time scan is coming from them.

All records information is coming from RITC. I contacted Rjan a few months ago about. having all datas in database let me show the informations i want, like all soundboard records, all records from a particular taper and probably soon a list of the "perfect" records, between 4.5 and 5 stars !
I gonna give him new information as I have discover some european taper from my old cure taper area. I know a paris 94 D7 master for example. i won't be able to have a copy but I'm sure he recorded it.

From 1988 to 1995, ALL dates are nearly sure. I don't make a copy of copy of copy of an original list. I check with all informations available here and there and once it's sure (or at least have some information), it's online.
All setlist is sure from a record, audio or video. I don't want to copy a "probably right" setlist. I saw so many mistakes of setlist with encores and press article explain there wasn't ! I prefer nothing that something maybe wrong. Having setlist of a cancel show is also the kind of thing I don't want.

This way I have found a LOT of mistakes or wrong informations. And I'm still looking for new datas, new press scans ! For example, at this time, I can't access to Dallas newspaper and I can't have access to Hollywood reporter !
The list of mistake is long, the press article helps to understand some reports, some cancellations and the real date of some shows !
For example Omaha 1995-02-13 isn't a surprise show. This is just a report and a change of venue after the Lincoln cancellation !

Press scans is also a perfect way to have rare informations like band injury on scene ! Quite funny. For example, we have an explanation why March of the Pigs wasn't played ot Warfield April 23 1994 : Chris received a micro stand from Trent and the band had to stop after Sin in order to put a bandage on his head !
This way we can be sure the record is from the right date !

Nowaday, I'm compiling all dates. I have to add 1999 to 2014 dates. I think this is a week by year. Newspaper will be only for review as the dates are all sure so I will have less work now. I will find poster, ticket, records after or when I'm tired of adding songs.
I also have a lot of live pictures to add. I just want to add professional work.
and after all is done, I will work on dialogs between songs or funny think visible on video.

I also miss some old setlists for various reasons. I'm trying for example to find an other review of worchester Janary 05 1995 : the record is incomplet and even if review can help, nothing is clear about Dead Soul. The reviewer even speak about "Atrocity Exhibition" during encore, a song never played by NIN. I even wonder if the taper keep this song for himself. Hurt is clear, a review deals about : this is probably a tape flip and the taper remove the song. Something I can never have wasn't play if this is true there were 5 songs as encore : a pity the reviewer leave the event before the end, in order to have his paper for the next day morning.
So you see, this is not really dump operation and I prefer losing my time that giving wrong informations.

Here is the link of this site : https://happinessinheresy.com
Please, don't forget everything is in strong construction. PHP files are changed nearly every day

Comments are open for every date. I hope we can talk about.

Fans sections isn't online. I want something easy and nice so each fan can add their dates and a few lines about this particular experience. At this time, I don't know how to make good php for this. On my old the cure site, it was too simple and not sure enough.


P.S : I'm french so don't blame me for my english !