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Thread: The Perfect Drug Nine Inch Nails 2018 Cold and Black and Infinite compilation

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    The Perfect Drug Nine Inch Nails 2018 Cold and Black and Infinite compilation

    All right, so maybe this is crazy. I think it turned out pretty cool. Maybe I’m the only one that would
    want to listen to the tour this way.

    I am of course aware that NotinCnStopMeNow has also been working on his upcoming compilation.
    I ran this past him in a couple of pm’s recently and he said go for it. As can be seen below this
    is way different than the way he does his projects.

    So anyone feeling adventurous can grab a part or two of this just to check it out
    or go for the whole thing. Links to the zipped up files are all below.



    Cold And Black And Infinite tour compilation

    I've always wanted to do a compilation for a NIN tour.
    When this tour started I grabbed all of the recordings as they
    became available.
    I was looking at the echoingthesound site and found the thread
    "Cold and Black and Infinite: Songs Played So Far".
    I was immediately struck by seeing the song titles all
    spelled out album by album.
    Then a few posts down I saw that there's another guy that does
    the same thing. Putting together tour compilations.
    I didn't really want to step on his toes. But I saw that
    he puts everything together as if it's all one huge show.
    Which is a good way to do it. So I decided to do mine as
    spelled out below.

    I've used nothing but audience recordings. I purposely didn't use
    any of the matrix shares. And no soundboards of any kind.
    The Parts all fade in and out at their starts and ends.
    The songs within the parts all smoothly transition from one to another.
    The songs are all tweaked to work well together. The levels are all
    tamed so nothing jumps out. There's no hard limiting or compression.
    The files are all tagged and everything is 44.1 16 bit cd ready for anyone who wants to burn.

    I thought initially that I would put the songs in the order that they ran on
    the original albums. It didn't always work real well that way
    so I grouped the songs as I thought they sounded best.

    I don't really do 'art' but I have this cool pic I took a number of years ago that I've included.
    It shows some graffiti that was below a local railroad bridge. When I took the pic
    the graffiti had been up for about 38 years or so. It's gone now.
    Anyone can feel free to use the pic for any artwork they might want to create.

    Big thanks to all of the tapers and RyanJ and Trent and Nine Inch Nails.

    Nine Inch Nails
    Cold And Black And Infinite Tour
    2018-09-13 through 2018-12-15

    Alessandro Cortini: Keyboards, guitar, bass, backing vocals
    Robin Finck: Guitar, Keyboards, backing vocals
    Trent Reznor: Vocals, guitar, keyboards
    Atticus Ross: Keyboards, samples, programming, backing vocals
    Ilan Rubin: Drums, keyboards, backing vocals

    Part One: Pretty Hate Machine 24:58

    01 Head Like a Hole 2018-12-08
    02 Terrible Lie 2018-10-16
    03 Sanctified 2018-12-11
    04 Something I Can Never Have 2018-12-11
    05 Sin 2018-12-03

    Part Two: Broken 30:35

    06 Pinion 2018-09-13
    07 Wish 2018-12-11
    08 Last 2018-12-03
    09 Help Me I Am in Hell 2018-12-03
    10 Happiness in Slavery 2018-12-03
    11 Gave Up 2018-12-15
    12 Physical 2018-12-11
    13 Suck 2018-12-11

    Part Three: The Downward Spiral 50:55

    14 Mr. Self Destruct 2018-12-11
    15 Piggy 22018-12-03
    16 March of the Pigs 2018-09-14
    17 Closer 2018-09-14
    18 The Becoming 2018-10-26
    19 I Do Not Want This 2018-12-12
    20 Reptile 2018-09-14
    21 Eraser 2018-09-14
    22 A Warm Place 2018-12-11
    23 Hurt 2018-12-15

    Part Four: The Fragile 39:31

    24 Somewhat Damaged 2018-12-14
    25 The Day the World Went Away 2018-12-08
    26 The Frail 2018-12-08
    27 The Wretched 2018-12-08
    28 Just Like You Imagined 2018-12-14
    29 La Mer 2018-12-15
    30 Even Deeper 2018-12-04
    31 The Big Come Down 2018-09-26
    32 Starfuckers, Inc. 2018-11-24

    Part Five: The Orphans 18:20

    33 Now I'm Nothing 2018-12-11
    34 Burn 2018-12-08
    35 The Perfect Drug 2018-12-08
    36 And All That Could Have Been 2018-12-04

    Part Six: With Teeth 16:42

    37 Home 2018-12-03
    38 All the Love in the World 2018-11-30
    39 Only 2018-09-13
    40 The Hand that Feeds 2018-09-26

    Part Seven: Year Zero 19:57

    41 The Beginning of the End 2018-09-14
    42 Survivalism 2018-11-30
    43 The Good Soldier 2018-09-27
    44 Me I'm Not 2018-10-20
    45 The Great Destroyer 2018-12-03

    Part Eight: The Slip/Hesitation Marks 24:11

    46 1,000,000 2018-12-14
    47 Letting You 2018-12-03
    48 Find My Way 2018-12-14
    49 Copy of A 2018-12-04
    50 Came Back Haunted 2018-09-26

    Part Nine: Not the Actual Events/Add Violence/Bad Witch 46:32

    51 Branches/Bones 2018-10-09
    52 Dear World 2018-10-09
    53 Less Than 2018-12-04
    54 The Lovers 2018-09-13
    55 This Isn't the Place 2018-12-04
    56 Over and Out 2018-12-08
    57 The Background World 2018-12-08
    58 Shit Mirror 2018-12-04
    59 Ahead of Ourselves 2018-12-04
    60 God Break Down the Door 2018-12-04
    61 Burning Bright (Field on Fire) 2018-12-14

    Part Ten: The Covers 60:52

    62 Digital 2018-10-13
    63 Dead Souls 2018-12-11
    64 Metal 2018-12-07
    65 Parasite 2018-10-17
    66 BBB 2018-12-15
    67 Welcome Oblivion 2018-12-15
    68 Ice Age 2018-12-07
    69 On the Wing 2018-12-07
    70 A Drowning 2018-12-07
    71 I'm Afraid of Americans 2018-12-12
    72 I Can't Give Everything Away (Farewell Mix) / Subterraneans 2018-12-08
    73 Greensleeves 2018-12-15

    2018-09-13 lowlight10 Phoenix, AZ Comerica Theatre
    2018-09-14 lowlight10 Phoenix, AZ Comerica Theatre
    2018-09-26 RyanJ Atlanta, GA Fox Theatre
    2018-09-27 RyanJ Atlanta, GA Fox Theatre
    2018-10-09 Travelinbeat Washington, DC The Anthem
    2018-10-13 ScreamingSlave New York, NY Radio City Music Hall
    2018-10-16 ScreamingSlave Brooklyn, NY Kings Theatre
    2018-10-17 ScreamingSlave Brooklyn, NY Kings Theatre
    2018-10-20 RJ Wood Boston, MA Boch Center
    2018-10-26 SM Rollinger Chicago, IL Aragon Ballroom
    2018-11-24 Adam Lancaster New Orleans, LA Saenger Theatre
    2018-11-30 ScreamingSlave Las Vegas, NV The Joint - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
    2018-12-03 NotoriousTIMP San Francisco, CA Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
    2018-12-04 NotoriousTIMP San Francisco, CA Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
    2018-12-07 hyprL00p Los Angeles, CA Palladium
    2018-12-08 Ed Davis Los Angeles, CA Palladium
    2018-12-11 NotoriusTIMP Los Angeles, CA Palladium
    2018-12-12 Ed Davis Los Angeles, CA Palladium
    2018-12-14 Califryed Los Angeles, CA Palladium
    2018-12-15 Innerturmoil Los Angeles, CA Palladium

    All of the original text files are included from the various recordings.

    various internet shares > flac > xACT > WAV > ProTools LE > oceanaudio > Audacity > xACT > flac > back into the wild.
    ProTools LE for the heavy lifting. ocenaudio for eq tweaks. Audacity to create the part mixes.

    acetboy 2019-01-19

    The Perfect Drug Nine Inch Nails 2018 Cold and Black and Infinite compilation acetboy complete


    01 Pretty Hate Machine


    02 Broken


    03 The Downward Spiral


    04 The Fragile


    05 The Orphans


    06 With Teeth


    07 Year Zero


    08 The Slip/Hesitation Marks


    09 Not the Actual Events/Add Violence/Bad Witch


    10 The Covers


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    Awesome job!

    Just to nit-pick if you want to edit, the NIN version of Physical has always omitted the “(You’re So)” part and is simply called “Physical”. Also add (Farewell Mix) to “I Can’t Give Everything Away” if you like, and remove “whole” from TDTWWA.

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    Oh and last one, a space between Come and Down in The Big Come Down.

    Title perfection nazi here.

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    Thank you, nice job!

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    great job putting together all the recordings i am impressed

    ~jason smith
    mathway myanimelistbirthday wishes
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    Mad cool that you took the time to do all this! I'm a little disappointed there's nothing from Detroit in there, but I realize nothing really "exclusive" got played there.

    *edit - also noticed In This Twilight is missing
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    I like the idea of each album live. Probably been done before, but perhaps a future project could expand this idea assembling the best recordings available to fill each album out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ekrekel View Post
    I like the idea of each album live. Probably been done before, but perhaps a future project could expand this idea assembling the best recordings available to fill each album out.
    There is an old version of that in the sidebar of https://old.reddit.com/r/nin/ (mods on this sub aren't really active at all for community-related activites though, which is a shame, someone just happened to add these 4 years ago)

    It is in need of a great upgrade. Idk if someone did it too here on ETS.

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