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Thread: I am making a 70+ song NIN tribute album because I wanted too

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    I am making a 70+ song NIN tribute album because I wanted too

    Something I've been wanting to do for a long time actually. yes, you read that right...70+ songs and im doing them all, by myself because I wanted too. Now I just wanna say, Im not the best singer at all, im still very much in training, its not the worst thing but you can tell that im not at my full potential yet. Still, despite that, I still went ahead and did it and its gonna take a few months for it to be done so ill periodically update this list provided that it even stays here.

    Few things i wanna mention though. While most of the songs that I'll cover are in my style, some of them wont be for two reasons. One is that its already in the style of music i make, so songs like The New Flesh, Ripe (With Decay), Eraser, The Downward Spiral and the Ghost Songs wont be all that different.

    the 2nd reason is that there are some songs where i will flat out refuse to change because it would completely kill the mood and ruin what the song was meant to be, songs like Hurt, the songs off Still, In This Twilight, I'm Looking Forward To Joining You, Finally and The really high energy songs like every song off Broken and most songs off TDS and The Slip.

    with that being said, this is something im really happy to do, im doing this out of fun and i hope you guys like it too


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    Moved to artistic expression. Have fun.

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    Eraser is decent.

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