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Thread: Trilogy songs: Ranked best to worst

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    1. Branches/Bones (This one is a top 10 of all NIN songs for me, personally)
    2. The Lovers (that song exploder episode took it up several spots for me. I really love it when Trent takes the time to explain his process and mindset. I liked that "In Conversations With" recording he did a while back too.)
    3. Ahead of Ourselves
    4. Burning Bright
    5. Less Than
    6. She's Gone Away
    7. This Isn't the Place
    8. Dear World
    9. Shit Mirror (The live version would be higher though, Robin killed it.)
    10. God Break Down the Door
    11. Not Anymore
    12. Over and Out
    13. I'm Not From This World
    14. The Background World
    15. The Idea of You
    16. Play the Goddamn Part

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    Quote Originally Posted by elevenism View Post
    You know what? It just occurred to me that it's fucking HARD to rank these songs. They're GOOD.
    Three cheerz to Trent and co. for bringing both the funk and the noise, this late in the game. In three short years, I'll have been an NIN fan for THREE FULL DECADES, and Ghosts was the only disappointment - but that's not because it was BAD; rather, it was only REASONABLY good, imho. It was still GOOD, though. Not many other bands have this sort of track record, ESPECIALLY the part where they go hard as fuck like like they did in the old days, thirty years in.

    Think about it: The Fragile - "I'll be damned, NIN's still got it.
    Year Zero: "Holy Shit, NIN's STILL got it"

    And now THIS.

    Yes, we all have our favorites - for me, With Teeth and Hesitation Marks were a LITTLE uneven, (especially HM,) but they were still Pretty Fucking Good and featured some GREAT songs.

    Sorry for rant/sorry if this counts as drift.
    Everything is subjective based upon the individual really. I loved everything up to and including With Teeth - then Year Zero was a real dip for me personally as well as The Slip or Ghosts bar selected tracks from each album.

    Hesitation Marks brought me back big time- I thought it was much more consistent in terms of quality (bar Running, ugh!) and now we have these EPs where I am just prepared to take it as it comes. I know I'll never go back to being that NIN fanboy that thought the band was completely untouchable and that's fine. I was younger, had less diverse tastes in music and a lot of growing to do emotionally and mentally. The fascinating thing is hearing that Trent has obviously done a lot of that too. His songs won't always speak to me personally but they do a hell of a lot of the time and that's still pretty fucking good right?

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