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Thread: 2018.11.24 New Orleans, LA @ Saenger Theatre

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    2018.11.24 New Orleans, LA @ Saenger Theatre

    Night two was better, in my opinion, but I think I feel that way because I liked the crowd around me better than from night one... that tends to make a difference. Crowd seemed more into it from the get go, but again, that’s just my opinion. Although, there were a couple of girls directly behind, drunk or dumb or both, not sure, but I mostly tuned them out until they would not shut the fuck up during Over and Out. I threw them a couple of looks which only seemed to make them act more asinine. Then they ruined Hurt by singing loud, off-key, and the wrong words at the wrong time. [insert eye roll] But before that, I felt like the crowd was good, had a good energy, better than night before.

    Hate how he teased us again with the first four from Fragile! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen The Becoming live before, but it sounded LOUD and fucking awesome! Highlight of the night for me. Plus saw Starfuckers for the first time since 2005 — major plus. La Mer was beautiful, too.

    Trent actually stopped after singing The Lovers and said “let me catch my breath,” which I’ve never heard him say before. It worried me a bit.
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