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Thread: The Cold and Black and Infinite Brick Road (The Trilogy syncs to The Wizard of Oz)

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    There are real Nine Inch Nails videos that barely, if ever, synchronize with their respective songs. Less Than, Came Back Haunted, Burning Bright...

    I'm sure there are Pink Floyd videos that way too (not familiar with them to name examples, i'll leave that to others)

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    Quote Originally Posted by botley View Post
    No, they can't. What would be the threshold for evidence to establish that? There's no precedent for such a claim that I know. If they tried to distribute their own version of the film with the soundtrack replaced with "Echoes", then that would be a different matter.
    If it's based on the movie, it would be considered a "derivative work" for which they would need a license. And if Pink Floyd says in an interview that they based their song on the movie, that might be all the plaintiff would need to demonstrate that it was derivative. Pink Floyd would then probably be stuck claiming "fair use" as a defense, which has been narrowly construed by the courts, especially for large scale commercial works.

    Meddle has sold like 3 million copies worldwide, so the potential liability is non-trivial. edit: although copyright law may be different for the non-US sales.

    Quote Originally Posted by botley View Post
    As I said already, it was extremely difficult to even attempt to intentionally synchronize tape to film for that long in the early 70s. The band were composing in multiple studios with various pieces of music stitched together to form the suite, and the technical challenges associated with this were already pretty immense, even without precisely timing it all to film. It's nearly impossible that this would be an intentional, conscious effort on the band's part to make 23 minutes of music match an existing film so precisely.
    It doesn't need to be that complicated. It could have been as easy as writing down the approximate timing for the transitions in the film and then roughly cutting their song to fit. The way Meddle was written (being composed in separate pieces that were then stitched together) would make this even easier.

    And it doesn't need to be precise to the 0.1 second. If you watch it (seriously, have you watched it recently? That could end the argument), you see that the transitions are sometimes a second or so off (but very clearly transitioning with the film).
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    I mean, it's POSSIBLE.
    I don't think it's PROBABLE though.

    If it's intentional, I guess "bad witch" is the clue?

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