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Yes, but hopefully the series will also use "needle drop" source music in a good way (I'm thinking of Burns & Novick's Vietnam, rather than Snyder's Watchmen -- which had the WORST use of pre-existing music in cues that I've ever heard in a Hollywood film).
I honestly wouldn't mind if they nix the needle drop thing wholesale – and if they don't, my hope is that HBO's Watchmen uses pre-existing tunes closer to the way True Detective season 1 did, i.e. music that is tonally/emotionally fitting (cue "Eli" by Bosnian Rainbows) as opposed to tailored to the era. When other movies do needle drops (Atomic Blonde comes to mind), it's still so on-the-nose and distracting, even if it's fun.

Vietnam used source music very wisely/tastefully, but even that I could have done without (but again, was used very well).

I don't know about anyone else, but when I read Watchmen for the first time, it never struck me as a quintessential 80s story. I obviously get that it was published and written in that period, but it transcends that setting sooooo much. The fact that I probably read in 2005ish doesn't hurt. So when the Snyder trailers & movie came out and adhered so ridiculously close to an 80s aesthetic, I honestly found it very jarring... which is to say I think it's great that HBO and Lindelof are going for a more present day vibe.

I stopped watching LOST after 2.5 seasons, but I hear great things about The Leftovers, and am also big fan of Prometheus ...so overall, I'm optimistic and excited!