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Thread: Worlds of DC Thread

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    So, having slept over this for a few days I have to say that I really would like to see it again. Has to be a cheaper screening though but I think I'll do it later this month.

    Quote Originally Posted by Triggermine View Post
    Did you see this, or are you just making assumptions?

    I buy Rosie far more than Sofia in that role. Sofia hasn't proven to me that she can portray a character like Renee.
    You are actually right. Just looked the character up and she's indeed not too far away from the comics. I was only thinking about the BTAS portrayal of Montoya and always have Sofia in mind. But she's a terrible actress, I know...

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    I really don't understand the whole BOP being a 'woke' 'feminist' really isn't! It's just (largely) about a female anti-hero character...the most popular and well received character from the film EVERYONE seemed to hate, but given her a movie with the Birds of Prey isn't what people want? The fuck DO they want then, a captain boomerang movie?! Slipknot's origin movie?! Another Jared Joker movie?! It's a fun action comic-book movie, the only politics are that they are women.
    The fact almost all of us on here were ready to hate this after the trailers but we almost universally enjoyed it speaks volumes, it's a fun time.

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