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I believe that ANY of these Democratic candidates can beat Trump. ANY.

I believe the electrified animated corpse of Lincoln can beat Trump, so long as Democrats get up and vote.
This is the part that scares me. It sure *feels* like people are more charged up and ready to vote. But...well, "we" won by 3,000,000 last time and still didn't get a candidate in office. Three MILLION more votes, and it was still a pretty spectacular loss from an electoral perspective, which is sadly the only one that really matters - for now, at least. So color me extremely nervous. I agree that any of these candidates CAN win. But I thought that in 2016 too, and look where we are now.

On a similar note, this is a small but encouraging step. It still means nothing because there aren't enough states on board.......yet. But if more join in, this could become a huge and much needed change.