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    Quote Originally Posted by Sesquipedalism View Post
    I feel like almost anyone paying attention knew this. Unfortunately, Americans, as a people, really tend to loathe folks who are paying attention because their very existence suggests that you are not paying enough attention and, boy, do Americans by and large hate being reminded that they haven’t maxed out the skill meter in every single area.
    This is the perfect way of explaining a problem that is prevalent in every major issue our country is facing today.

    A few weeks ago I was in a store, wearing my mask (because duh). There is a mask ordinance in my city, so you have to wear one in businesses. Most folks are complying, but others are either throwing a hissy fit at the door OR waiting until they are inside the business to take their mask off or let it sit under their nose or mouth. I walked into an aisle and noticed a woman had taken her mask off. But I didn't say anything or make a face at her or even stare. But as soon as she saw ME with my mask on, she loudly snorted at ME and rolled her eyes. Like I was inconveniencing her by wearing my mask appropriately.

    Here's why I bring this up: from day one of this mask business I heard people objecting to it say that they just wanted the "choice" to wear one or not wear one. But it's becoming clear to me that "choice" was never really what they wanted - because they don't want to see anyone else "choose" to wear one either. That's why the dogbrains on facebook are sharing memes about sheep wearing masks and whatnot, and why that lady acted like I was the biggest asshole in the world for quietly wearing my mask in a grocery store.

    It was never about choice, it was always about people who were unwilling to be confronted (either directly or indirectly) with how selfish and uninformed they are. It's part of why they don't like protesters, whether they protest quietly with a knee at a game or loudly in the streets. It's why they call things that are irrefutable "fake news". It's why they get pissed off at Greta T. for simply caring about climate change and saying she cares out loud in front of powerful adults.

    By simply existing as an informed human being and making decisions based on information you have, you are a threat to their mental security. You never have to say a confrontational word to some of these people, just your existence upsets them enough.
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